About Us

We are a Uganda based Virtual reality company dedicated to creating innovative solutions using VR technology. Our main focus is virtual reality for education, practical training ,real estate and tourism. We pride ourselves in being pioneers in developing customized VR content fit for our market and outsourcing from the global leaders in VR.

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Virtual Reality for Education

With benefits such as fun and exciting learning, improved engagement, innovation and experiential learning, we believe that our VR for classes’ solutions have the potential to revitalize education. Virtual training allows students to have more engaging learning experiences than when only provided through books, maps, or even normal videos.

  • We supply VR hardware such as Head gears, controllers, vests, headphones and many others for use in classes.
  • We provide VR facilitated classes to our clientele (periodic school visits.
  • We also develop and or distribute Virtual reality content for use in classes such as science and technology VR content.

VR for real estate and tourism

We help our clients use Virtual reality to pitch to the prospective customers for real estate properties.We also help tourism firms bring the tourism destination to their customers’ convenience using virtual reality. We develop VR content from real life footages taken in the field and also supply requisite hardware as well as training to make this possible.

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Virtual reality consultancy

We give consultancy services in VR on best hardware technology to use and content especially for learning. We develop VR curriculums for schools and advise on best application principles.Consultancy is also available for tourism and real estate industries.

VR facilitated training:

We ran VR training for young learners to facilitate knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our training is conducted in partnership with other existing training companies to augment their classes using Virtual reality. Many skills require practice to become good at them and VR provides young learners with a safe space to practice and learn from their experiences


VR headsets and accessories.

We have VR headsets in all various specifications to suit your need. Headsets are available in various brands such as Samsung GR VR, Oculus Go, Google day dream, Google card board and other customized suits for education such as ClassVR headsets.We also supply VR accessories such as gloves, vests, haptics, headsets and compatible mobile sets.

VR content and consultacy.

We develop VR content for tourism, real estate such as structural and architectural plans and content for education especially targeting science, technology, Engineering and mathematics(STEM) as well as Geography or discovery.We give consultancy services in VR and develop VR curriculums for schools.

VR experiences.

Looking for some mind-blowing VR experiences, we have compiled a list of VR based experiences that featuring stunning videos that will make you feel the whole new realm. You can explore different 3D environments right from the comfort of your couch.

Our Virtual reality solutions will;

  • Inspire creativity (such as art using VR tilt brush app) since It is difficult to explain some class content to students in limited time allocated to study.
  • Fun exciting learning (Under the sea VR experience in imaginative writing and storytelling class). With VR, Learners understand and practice what is taught instead of cramming class content
  • Constructivist learning. Leaners’ ability to build from scratch without fear of failure. Using VR, the learners can easily pick interests in some subjects
  • Imparting 21st century work skills. (Empathy in VR film, Clouds over sidra)

The Future of Education


For Wit VR, collaborating with partners is critical to achieving lasting policy change for a more sustainable world.

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  • Bakule Complex, First Floor,room 3,
    Plot 1101 spring road,
    Mulago II, Kalerwe.

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